THE SKINNY WORLD: A world full of myths and legends, filled with SkinnyMunsters who loved living a life of peace and tranquillity. Now, their world has changed with the invasion of their lands by Hyp3 Apes and Corpobots. Join the SkinnyMunsters in their struggle to rid their lands of the Hyp3 Apes and Corpobots. Each and every SkinnyMunster matter. Each and every SkinnyMunster has its strengths and together with you we will make the Skinny Lands free again.

Our RoadMap!

  • Road Map Feature 1Custom Skinny Munster Wallpaper Designs & Poster Exports made available to you!

  • Roa Map Feature 2Airdrops - Be one of the few to get our NFTs for free. Stay tuned for our airdrops!

  • Road Map Feature 3Skinny World Marketplace - Access to exclusive merchandise and collectibles on our online store

  • Road Map Feature 4Lucky Draws & Giveaways for SKM Holders to win all sorts of tickets & prizes

  • Road Map Feature 5Alpha Cache - Be part of deciding our future with votes on future developments

  • Road Map Feature 6Initiation of the Ape Army NFT Collection Project

  • Road Map Feature 7Enter Giveaways to win free Battle Ape NFTs from our upcoming collection!

  • Road Map Feature 8The launch of our very own Skinny Munster Mobile Game!


Each SkinnyMunster NFT is Unique and personally designed by our top designers. Each character is given the fullest attention to ensure that the story of that Munster is portrayed to the audience.
The Munsters are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFs. You can check out and purchase our NFTs on OpenSea.

Why Collect SkinnyMunsters?


Skinny Collections


The Munsters once lived peacefully in Skinnyworld. They had different tribes and clans but lived peacefully with each other with little need for war and battles. Some clans inhabited forests and mountains while others lived deep in the ocean depths and the most high-tech ones had communities in outer space and space crafts that allowed them to even venture into nearby planets.

The Munsters are intelligent social creatures who may look frail and weak, but they receive immense strength when they drink a potion called Zams from the land of the Wizard Munsters.

It has been years since the Apes landed in Skinny World and the battle between the Munsters and the Apes continue to this day. The Zombie apes, originally from the Planet Volrag are running out of resources in their planet, and they are looking for other planets to colonize.

... Join the SkinnyMunsters as they battle the Zombie Apes for the sake of freedom!

About Us

Munsters versus apes was created by a team of artistes who loves doing what they do. We love creating different designs of munsters that have special powers to kill evil disgusting apes.

What started off as a hobby escalated into something more exciting as these various munsters we have created come alive when they are given special powers in the posters and games that we have painstakingly created.

Munstero Supremo. Skinny World Visionary. Loves all animals excpet toxic ones.

Munstero Ummo. The backbone of the Skinny World. The Apes hate her but she doesn't care.

Elder Munster. Prolific Gamer. He locks himslef in his room handling all skinny operations.


Frequently Asked


Have any questions about our Munsters?
1What is the Minting Process? What is the price and mint date?
All our NFTs will be minted and sold on a well-used NFT marketplace called OpenSea. The minting price of all NFTs will be 0.1 eth but do note that the price of the NFT can fluctuate after minting.
2How many NFTs will be there?
The NFTs will be released in batches of 200 or more and will max out at 10,000 NFTs.
3Who is part of the Team?
Munstero Supremo aka Ardy, together with a team of artists from all over the world works super hard to create the Munster army and the Skinny world. Other team members also hold key important roles in marketing, PR work, operations, finance and other important stuff to keep the Skinny World going.
4What is the inspiration behind the art?
The inspiration comes from the story of David versus Goliath. The main key theme being that through intelligence, bravery and ingenuity even the smaller character can beat a bigger more gigantic, more powerful enemy.
5What is the supply of the NFTs?
In total, there will be 10,000 NFTs for the SkinnyMunster Ape Killer Club collection. Don't wait, get yours now!
6Will there be a whitelist?
A whitelist consists of people who will get earlier access to certain NFTs. Want to be part of the whitelist? Go ahead and message one of the admins in our discord channel.
7What are the benefits of owning a SkinnyMunster NFT?
Get exclusive discounts and merchandise in the SKM Marketplace, be part of giveaways, and many more! It's all in our Roadmap above.
8Which blockchain network will the NFT be sold on?
All the NFT transactions will be occurring on the Ethereum network.
9Where can we see more SKM Designs?
We post regular updates on our designs on our different social media platforms that you can visit below.
10What game are you planning to launch?
We are launching a Skinny Munster-based Tower Defense game pretty soon! We'll announce the release date of the game on our Social Media Platforms so stay tuned!

Munsters Vs Apes